Actionable conversion optimisation techniques to consider for 2020

Whilst there is some uncertainty about the impact of COVID-19, there is no doubt that online retail has been a benefactor of wider unfortunate events. So, as we enter this season of optimism and hope, we look at how online retailers can bring about some festive cheer for both their customers and their online businesses.

So, how can online retailers exploit this incredible opportunity to profit and support their online growth strategies well into 2021? Here we outline a few tips that should support any online retailer in achieving that aim.

Merry Christmas

Make the most of this Christmas with your colleagues and family this year.
2020 will go down in history as one of the strangest years ever on planet earth. If you’re an online retailer or involved in ecommerce, it's an exciting time for the industry but let’s not forget how incredibly fortunate we all are to be in an industry that is buoyant when so many others are not.

Be thankful, be hopeful, don’t run yourself into the ground working from home, and enjoy this Christmas with those you love and those you can be with.

Best wishes, good luck and
Merry Christmas.

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