Selecting the right provider and hosting environment is just the start of it. Having the expertise to design, configure and maintain infrastructure and Magento to consistently perform is what makes the difference. We understand that speed, stability and security underpin all ecommerce performance metrics, so over the last 10 years we’ve worked hard to achieve deep knowledge and expertise to deliver robust and scalable solutions for all our clients.

Magento Commerce Cloud combines Magento Commerce with cloud infrastructure from AWS. Added features in the technology stack include Git integration, Fastly CDN and web application firewall, New Relic and Blackfire tools and Business Intelligence reporting.

A single Magento license covers both this infrastructure and Magento commerce itself and is available in differing formats to suit both smaller and enterprise level merchants.

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Superfast XtremeIO storage, scalable single and multi-server environments fully managed and served from a single London data centre. Our fastest and most competitive hosting solution.

Fully optimised for Magento

Superfast ExtremeIO storage

High availability storage, power & network

Fully scalable single or multi-server setups

Continuous integration server included

PCI-DSS vulnerability scan compliant

UK, US Europe and Asia data centres

Web application firewall

Managed onsite and offsite backups

24x7 server management and monitoring

100% uptime SLA

Utilising AWS's full suite of products we can offer multi-region, high availability and elastic scalable solutions, backed by an AWS certified infrastructure team. Ideal for enterprises requiring a super robust, fully scalable platform.

Fully optimised for Magento

Automated elastic scaling

High availability multi-region infrastructure

Automatic server failover

Cloudfront CDN

PCI-DSS vulnerability scan compliant

Web application firewall

Managed backups

24x7 server management and monitoring

AWS certified infrastructure team

99.99% uptime SLA

Free hosting audit

Lets us take a look at your current production hosting infrastructure and provide you with recommendations to improve performance.

Hassle-free migration

Over 95% of our clients have chosen either Magento Commerce Cloud, MageOptimised or AWS for their hosting infrastructure. We have a dedicated infrastructure team focused on designing and maintaining our clients production and development environments. Hosting migrations are managed entirely by our team using a well tested and thought-out process with built-in roll-back procedures, delivered out of hours with limited service disruption (typically less than 1hr).

Put security first

Never before has security been so critical to ecommerce merchants due to the rise in attack frequencies against increasingly complicated applications that create a greater potential attack surface. A great deal of knowledge and expertise goes into the security of our hosted infrastructure, but there is always more a merchant can do to reduce threats.

Do more by using SecureStream, a Magento specific security solution developed by Fisheye. It includes further protection systems, regular automated and manual scanning of infrastructure, applications and payment solutions, penetration testing and monthly threat reporting.

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