Attention to retail

A clear, well thought out and actionable ecommerce strategy is essential for every merchant. Success online is determined by your business's ability to attract, engage, convert and retain customers. Before embarking on any Magento project our team need to understand your objectives, commercial goals, customer requirements and industry specific needs. We'll produce a roadmap that will make your site faster, easier to manage, easier to upgrade, more profitable, more engaging and one step ahead of the competition.

How often do you perform a 360 review?

Commerce success relies on outperforming your competitors across the complete series of ‘success influencers’. Together we will audit your performance in each relevant area, and use this information to determine focus. It makes sense to complete this process with your key competitors. We generally look at 80 potential influencer points across 11 separate categories.

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Defining your roadmap

We will help you ask the right questions, challenge your thinking and produce a Magento Roadmap that gives you the stability, performance and scalability you need. Our team has years of experience and a wide range of tools and services at their disposal. Your road map will allow us to:

Objectives – Clearly understand your organisational objectives

Growth – Set clear financial objectives with defined milestones for growth

Performance – Identify opportunities to maximise site performance

Design – Deliver persuasive UX and Mobile first designed sites

Scale – Ensure specifications and functionality scale with your business

Technology – Leverage 3rd party systems and technology to simplify and automate

Support – Provide unrivalled 247 support and regular upgrades

Innovate – Seek to innovate through properly resourced continuous development

Ecommerce strategy

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Best laid plans

With such rapid change and innovation the best laid plans can change. A strategy that was right for you 6 months ago isn’t necessarily right for your business now. That’s why for all new projects and DevStream support clients you get access to our senior management team to provide regular strategic reviews. We will re- review your objectives and all deliverables ensuring we proactively consider innovation and developments that have arisen along the journey to keep you ahead of the competition.

Certified team trusted by brands

Every day as a leading Magento Professional Partner, we help both B2C and B2B brands achieve commerce success online.

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