Platform features

Fisheye partner with Alumio to deliver an iPaaS solution with an extensive feature set and tool kit to design and manage integrations from a variety of web services, modify data to comply with other endpoints and to apply logging and monitoring.

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Dashboard analytics

The user-friendly interface of Alumio is the hub for management fo your integrations, real-time reporting graphs, and integration health status are all provided, putting the power back in your team's hands.

Task queueing

Alumio can provide both real-time and queueing capabilities, the queuing mechanism ensures that your systems won’t be overloaded by peaks in demand. It’s highly efficient and automated processes make sure you’re in control of your data and integration ecosystem.

Data encryption

Environment variables allow the safe storage of sensitive data, these encryption variables replace sensitive data throughout the Alumio application.

User management

Give the power of managing users and access to your IT management team, through the user management feature. A single sign-on process restricts access to your companies and customers details to only those who need it.

Extensive logging

Having full real-time visibility of your integration ecosystem is critical to business continuity from end-points to task details. The Alumio solution comes with holistic logging built upon Elastic ELK Stack that includes Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana as standard.

File queues

Seamlessly receive and process data files. File queues provide details to the user such as the state and content of a specific batch when it has been processed and what type of data is being handled.


Alumio receives data sent from different endpoints. Webhooks allows systems to send automated messages or information to Alumio. It’s a powerful way to automatically push data from one application to another.

Health messaging

Provides a centralised point of monitoring of your data ecosystem, it's built-in messaging system will notify users whenever there seems to be an issue or a task or process fails, providing a detailed view of the potential problem to better support resolution.

Data storage

Data storage tools provide users with a set of data storing options. The storage of data can be of great value when comparing data from different endpoints.

Microsoft Dynamics (365 F&O/AX) connector

A pre-built connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O and Microsoft Dynamics AX applications, launched off the back of many successful Microsoft Dynamics integration projects. Reducing the time to market, reduces risk, and minimises integration investment.

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SAP (R/3, ECC & S/4HANA) connector

Alumios pre-built connector for SAP R/3, ECC & S/4HANA, minimises integration investment, reduces risk, and provides a robust and future-proof platform to ensure business continuity, with many successful large brand real-world use cases.

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Alumio platform pricing

Alumio license fees depend on the number of connections implemented between solutions, please contact us to receive initial cost estimates.

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