Pre-built solutions

Alumios pre-built connector for SAP R/3, ECC & S/4HANA, minimises integration investment, reduces risk, and provides a robust and future-proof platform to ensure business continuity, with many successful large brand real-world use cases.

Native SAP connector

The connector is delivered in a deployable package, and can be installed by us, your IT department or your SAP partner.  Most data endpoints are connected automatically, and the platform delivers configuration settings, customer eCommerce enablement, and more specific data mapping.

Magento modules

A number of modules are installed in Magento, for B2C / B2B functions which allow for real-time data exchange from webservices being processed by Magento.

Integration interface

The integration interface allows the processing of data to ensure data quality, allows for the combining of data with other sources, and can send the data to third party software applications such as your PIM, CRM, data warehouse or marketing automation platform. The integration interface has templates to connect all the data in the correct format for Magento.

Synchronise all data

Solve complex integration requirements by utilising the pre-built connector for SAP. With a robust two-way integration between SAP and Magento operating in realtime, solving common data synchronisation issues.

22 pre-built interfaces

A full two-way and real-time integration between SAP and Magento connects all data entities (see below).  Entity mapping is delivered via the integration interface allowing successful mapping of these objects between systems. The Native connector provides more than 22 interfaces, real-time calls are made for customer-specific prices, stock, handling & transport costs, order discounts, tier prices, VAT, delivery times, routes, and customer-specific payment methods.  In addition, real-time calls for deliveries, quotes, orders, and invoices are provided. With this level of integration, we can ensure you have one source of truth, with no data synchronisation issues affecting customer experience.

2-way synchronisation for B2B and B2C

Provide a balance between sending real-time data and utilisation of batch file processing, to ensure no impact on your ERP performance. For information that does not change as frequently, Alumio can look for just changes within batch files since the last scheduled batch lookup, sending updates only to minimise overheads.

Faster, better.

After many successful SAP (R/3, ECC & S/4HANA) integration projects, Alumio introduces an off the shelf standard e-commerce connector. The Native Connector reduces the time to market, risk, and minimises overall integration investment.

Magento native connectivity

A single-tenant, cost-effective cloud solution with native connectors to quickly build upon, providing the ability to allow you to scale and roll out integrations on a global scale. Alumio offers all these capabilities and more.

Platform Features

Real-time data exchange

100% data accuracy

Enterprise level performance

Future-proof solution


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Price & stock

Retrieve customer-specific price and stock information taking into account all of your ERP's registered agreements.

Order simulation

Simulate the placement of an order during checkout to validate, price, stock and delivery options.

B2B, D2C and B2C support

All integration features are provided to support Business to Business. Direct to Consumer and Business to Consumer eCommerce.

Product management

Import all product data into Magento including attributes, categories, and personal favorite lists.

Quote handling

Give the power to your customers and manage the quoting process from within Magento.

Order handling

Manage and create new orders from within Magento and present your customers with order history and order detail.

Invoice handling

Allow your customers to manage, view and download invoices from within Magento.

Contact management

Customer and company management controlled by your customers from within Magento.

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Alumio platform pricing

Alumio license fees depend on the number and type of connections implemented between solutions, please contact us to receive initial cost estimates.

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