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Upgrade to the next generation digital commerce solution. Built for rapid and cost-effective innovation, the platform combines rich, out-of-the-box functionality, enterprise performance and powerful business tools to keep you ahead of increasingly complex commerce operations and growing customer demands.

Magento Commerce features

Flexibility is where Magento stands out. As the leading global platform for eCommerce, it empowers companies with an open, extensible platform and robust capabilities to create unique experiences that drive differentiation, long-term growth, and loyalty.

Pagebuilder CMS

Preview & Staging

Extensive native B2B functionality

Multi-site unified commerce

Personalised buying experiences

Global multi-language support

Customer segmentation

Scheduled events

One-click buy

Visual merchandiser

Powerful reporting

Scalable performance

Multi-source inventory

Rule based product relations

Extensive API’s

Content Management & Staging

Increase sales and productivity by enabling your team to easily create, preview, and schedule content updates without involving IT. Combine multiple media components in flexible layouts with a drag & drop interface. Preview all changes  and optimise the timing and impact of site updates by managing all changes through a timeline dashboard. Automatically deploy updates at scheduled times for greater efficiency.

Customer Segmentation & Personalisation

Create personalised shopping experiences that boost conversion rates by dynamically displaying content, promotions, and pricing to specific customers based on properties such as their location, gender, order history, lifetime purchase value, wish list items, and more. You can also target unknown site visitors based, on the products they have viewed or items in their cart.

Performance & Scalability

Magento 2 offers significantly improved performance and scalability. Full page caching via Varnish is default, allowing for much faster delivery speeds of cached content. Database sharding provides the option to split the normally single database into separate transactional and non-transactional databases, particularly crucial for very high traffic solutions.


Optimise product category pages to drive higher sales by arranging products with a simple drag-and drop interface or sorting rules that order products by best seller, colour, highest margin, or newest addition. Save time by setting rules to automatically assign products to specific categories based on their attributes, such as brand, price, or date created.

Powerful Business Intelligence

Using Magento Business Intelligence (advance reporting) harness your data to drive growth by empowering your teams with capabilities. Easily access and analyse your Magento data and any other data source to gain a 360-degree view of your business. Evaluate marketing ROI, retention efforts, conversion rates and more, as you learn more about your customers.

Integrated B2B

Empower your customers with the ability create company accounts, set up multiple buyers, and define specific roles and responsibilities with self-service tools. Create custom catalogues and price lists  and offer payments on account to increase sales. Fast, friction-free purchasing with quick order forms, requisition lists, and a streamlined request for quote workflow.

Multi-source Inventory

Improve operational efficiency with integrated multi-source inventory and shipping management capabilities. Assign and track products across multiple locations and set business rules to control when to fulfil orders from each location. Easy shipping management, while ensuring your customers have convenient, competitively priced options, with integrated global shipping carriers, automated order fulfilment, and logistics.

Powerful Admin Capabilities

Work efficiently with a modern and intuitive user interface. A dashboard lets you monitor your business with quick access to sales, order, search term and best-selling product data. Enhanced navigation and search make it easy to find information. Management screens can be customised and saved to speed up day-to-day tasks. Granular admin permissions and admin action logging provide peace of mind and accountability.

Magento 2 demo request

See Magento 2 Commerce in action, we will demonstrate key features and functionality inline with your business requirements.

Commerce vs Opensource

The gap between Commerce and Opensource (or Enterprise and Community) widened significantly with the launch of Magento 2. This divide continues to open up with recent releases and Magento's roadmap plans. For most of our customers Magento Commerce is now the platform of choice as its rich out of the box feature set normally reduces total cost of ownership.

Get in touch with us to let us help you take an objective approach to platform selection.

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Magento Commerce Cloud

Magento Commerce Cloud combines Magento Commerce with cloud infrastructure from AWS. Added features in the technology stack include Git integration, Fastly CDN, web application firewall, New Relic, and Business Intelligence reporting.

A single Magento license covers both this infrastructure and Magento commerce itself and is available in differing formats to suit both smaller and enterprise level merchants.

Magento Commerce pricing

Magento Commerce licence pricing is based on a number of commerce KPI's, to find out which Magento version is most suitable for your business requirements and to receive license pricing please get in touch.

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