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If your site is slow, unstable or if you continually have issues with deployments a review of your sites build quality, configuration, performance and security by Magento certified specialists is the most efficient way of getting to the route of the issue. Our technical audits provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations ranked by severity.

Magento 1 & Magento 2 audits

Our technical audits are delivered by Magento certified experts with a wealth of Magento standards, performance and security experience.

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Full audit deliverables

Site management review

Core module & theme code modifications

Third party modules & themes review

Custom code & themes review

Data review

Code profiling

Performance & optimisation review

Google page speed insights

Hosting infrastructure review

Application security vulnerabilities

Hosting infrastructure vulnerabilities


Focus on a specific area of concern
16hrs approx
  • Higher Level Audit Process
  • Focus on Specific Issues
  • Core Code Modifications
  • Performance Issues
  • Application Security


Application & Infrastructure
12hrs approx
  • Core Application
  • Third Party Modules
  • Malware & Vulnerability
  • Payments and PCI
  • Hosting Infrastructure

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Which audit is right for you?

Audits can be delivered independently or as part of a process to move your ongoing support and development to us as part of DevStream. Due to the level of detail we go into and the minimum hours to carry out thoroughly they are generally aligned as follows:

Larger merchants

Merchants turning over £2 million or above who want to recover from poor builds or badly performing sites where they often have a lot of site complexity or integrations.   These are more likely to require comprehensive audits requiring 30 hours or more investigation followed by an ongoing support and development service requiring 50 hrs or more a month in ongoing development time.

Smaller merchants

Merchants turning over £500k or more often want to limit their investment getting to the bottom of an issue or have lower development budgets.  Lite Audits can be very helpful requiring 16 hours investigation to get a clear understanding of the issues a site is experiencing or to investigate a specific or isolated issue. An ongoing support and development service of between 20 and 50 hours a month is more likely to help the merchant get back on track.

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