Understanding behaviours

By consistently delivering well considered, frictionless and personal customer experiences to your users you could transform your conversion rate. When delivering new Magento projects or taking over the support for existing Magento merchants, we put conversion rate optimisation (CRO) at the heart of what we do.

Delivering our strategy

The tools and approaches that form part of your CRO strategy will be specific to your sector, the products you sell and your business objectives. Some deliverables will apply to all sites and whilst they are extremely obvious, many development teams simply don’t deliver against these well. Other approaches will require a research based approach, forming hypothesis, running tests and monitoring performance.

Customer segmentation

Customer behaviour analysis

A/B or multivariate testing

Prototypes and beta sites

Dynamic targeting

Customer mapping

Inputs (traffic)

Organic traffic quality
Paid traffic quality
Social advertising
Offline activities
Returning incentives

Engagement & EAT

Catering for personas
Customer segmentation
Non-commerce content
Trust building

Purchase Friction

Purchase flow experience
Delivery convenience
Inventory information
Payment solutions
Account tools

Urgency / Persuasion

Assisted sales
Exit blockers
Abandonment mitigation
BOT chat
Persuasive notifications


Pricing policy
Campaign strategy
Delivery speed / rates
Product range
Returns policy & visibility


Site speed
Search accuracy
Navigation effectiveness
Device optimisation
Time to positive transaction

Stop losing business

Conversion rates have a significant impact on your business. Even small gains can massively affect the profitability of your channel, after spending a significant proportion of your cost of sale on driving traffic, it would be remiss to not maximise the potential of each and every customer.

Making your site as fast as possible is a given, personalisation is a must and exceptional UX and navigation is essential. For all of our Magento projects we will undertake CRO analysis and put together a CRO strategy and development roadmap. This is central to our engagement, discovery and development process.

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