Onsite SEO fundamentals

On-site Technical SEO is about controlling how search engines interact with your Magento site. Technical on-site SEO is the foundation of all SEO and is doubly important for Ecommerce sites because of the large number of pages, complex category structure and potential for duplicate pages to name but a few.

Our team are experienced in the execution of correct technical SEO on Magento sites, and will help protect your organic search listings during a site migration. On-going monthly technical health checks and reporting will help resolve any technical issues enabling the delivery of clean, accurate and fast content that’s search engine friendly.

Site migrations

We specialise in protecting your search engine rankings during a site migration, and look for opportunities to maximise Magento technical site health along the way. We have performed multiple successful migrations with great commercial results for our clients.

The Fisheye team have been perfecting this process over the years so you can count on us to ensure that the transition is seamless. Site migrations if not handled correctly can be very damaging so we take this process very seriously.

If you have an existing SEO team, we are happy to communicate directly with them to keep them in the loop throughout the process.

Regular SEO health checks

Our SEO health check service manages the way the search engines interact with your website, keeping on top of algorithm changes and spotting potential technical SEO issues and fixing them quickly.

We will monitor your site for any adverse changes in key criteria and provide monthly Technical SEO audit reports that are actionable and from which we can formulate appropriate fixes.

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