Digital transformation success relies on seamless integration. We partner with Alumio, an iPaaS solution that allows seamless and robust data exchange between multiple systems. You can; connect data and apps faster, improve integrator productivity, exchange data in real-time, and ultimately reduce the time-to-market of systems integrations.

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Leverage the power of many pre-built connectors for popular systems all tested and proven in the real world. 

Robust performance

An intuitive user interface provides a full suite of tools for data control and advanced on-going monitoring of integrations.


Deployed in the cloud, the power and logic behind data exchange is centralised and removed from individual platforms.

Microsoft Dynamics (365 F&O/AX) connector

A pre-built connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O and Microsoft Dynamics AX applications, launched off the back of many successful Microsoft Dynamics integration projects. Reducing the time to market, reduces risk, and minimises integration investment.

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SAP (R/3, ECC & S/4HANA) connector

Alumios pre-built connector for SAP R/3, ECC & S/4HANA, minimises integration investment, reduces risk, and provides a robust and future-proof platform to ensure business continuity, with many successful large brand real-world use cases.

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Connect with popular systems

Pre-build native connectors for the world's most popular ERP's, commerce, marketing automation, and product information management platforms.

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Alumio platform pricing

Alumio license fees depend on the number and type of connections implemented between solutions, please contact us to receive initial cost estimates.

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Trusted by brands

Alumio and Fisheye help both B2C and B2B brands achieve integration success.

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