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Creating beautiful, clean, no nonsense Ecommerce sites is the norm. To go beyond and design sites that engage, convert and consistently outperform the competition is not. Our in-house design and UX team have decades of experience designing exclusively for Magento and would love to use their UX and commerce expertise to bring performance gains to your business.

Design & UX services

Usability audits

Customer behaviour analysis

User experience enrichment

User journey planning

Persona exploration

Wireframes and prototyping

Responsive designs

Campaign design

Question everything

Our team understand commerce and Magento intimately, they will get inside the heads of your customers and deliver User Experience (UX) and Competitor Analysis Audits to proactively drive the creative process. They understand the deliverables that will increase your conversion rate, what will speed up the checkout process and what will drive up your average order value. They strip everything back to deliver the right solution for mobile to ensure we capture your customers attention whilst they are on the go.

Commission a UX audit

Commissioning a UX audit by our expert team will help identify usability issues, conversion improvements ready for scoping into a development roadmap.

Data driven decisions

Whether you are redesigning your existing Magento site, re-platforming to Magento or just want a second opinion, UX audits give you invaluable insight that can make a huge difference to the bottom line. Our team visually map all findings in Invision so your can easily review, collaborate and see exactly what is being recommended. In addition, all recommendations and findings are linked to an actionable development list that you can review, prioritise and use to create a development roadmap. We often deliver these services independently, without the requirement to have a project or support agreement with us.

User experience (UX) audit

A comprehensive UX review across multiple devices mapping all findings visually using Invision.  Each finding is linked to an actionable development list. Invaluable for merchants looking to gain a faster site, greater conversion, higher average orders and more profit.

Competitor analysis

A review of major competitors using a mixture of UX and KPI Metrics to produce a list of actionable deliverables to give you competitive advantage.  Let us target your main competitors detailing the innovation and gaps that will give your site the competitive advantage.

Customer behaviour analysis

This involves the collection of real user data over a period of time, careful review of this data, aggregated to identify potential purchase blockers, navigation confusion or engagement issues. Recommendations will be presented which can be implemented or tested with users.

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Every day as a leading Magento Professional Partner, we help both B2C and B2B brands achieve commerce success online.

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