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At Fisheye, we understand the crucial role PPC advertising plays in an e-commerce business. For many of our clients PPC consistently accounts for more than 80% of total website revenue. We have a proven track record in delivering focused campaigns that generate more sales, more profit, more leads and more growth.

We specialise in e-commerce marketing and are a long-standing Google Partner Agency which, amongst other benefits, provides us with direct support from the Google Ads team and access to the latest Google Ads features and beta testing programs.

Over the last 10 years, we've worked hard to position ourselves as one of the best KPI driven PPC agencies in the UK. As a result, we have an excellent client retention rate with over half having worked with us for more than 3 years.

Joined up thinking

Benefit from one in-house team who will work together to ensure your campaigns and your site are perfectly set to deliver your KPIs.

A stand alone advertising agency only has control over the traffic they deliver to your site, but maximising success and value for money from your advertising spend is about the entire user journey. We will work together with the wider Fisheye team in the delivery of your e-commerce strategy.

Get a free PPC audit

Are you actually achieving your PPC goals? If you are already running a Google Ads campaign, we offer a FREE PPC auditing service. Our Google qualified PPC analyst will carry out a full health check enabling us to advise on the best strategies to deliver your KPIs and maximise revenue.

How it works

Specialising in PPC for e-commerce businesses, we know how to develop and deliver a strong paid search strategy and this can make a huge difference to your online revenue.

Using historical data and data captured within the first few weeks of us working on an account, we will get a clear picture of the potential that PPC advertising holds in the medium to longer term. We communicate with you and the wider Fisheye team to advise on any key issues affecting performance ensuring that we are running your campaigns in the most effective and strategic way. This is how we will continue to work on a monthly basis.

Defining your roadmap

You will be assigned a dedicated Google Certified account manager who will be the key point of contact, they will be focused on your business and delivering your PPC strategy roadmap. Communication is key to creating a successful campaign particularly in the early stages of working together. Targets and KPIs will be set at the beginning of the project which will inform the PPC roadmap, these are regularly reviewed with you.

You will be provided with a monthly report outlining the overall account performance, the contents of this report and the level of communication with your account manager will be lead by your requirements.

Maintaining your Google Shopping product feed

Google Shopping will only ever be as good as the product feed that powers it.
We are one of the few PPC agencies that creates and manages product feeds in-house.

Data quality is everything in Google Shopping and is a large part of what we do. It’s a highly dynamic and specialised area that, together with the support of the wider Fisheye team, we are experienced and adept at handling.

“Fisheye have consistently hit our ROI and Cost Of Sale targets and been instrumental in delivering year on year growth to our company. They have far exceeded what previous agencies delivered on Google Ads and Facebook”

James Owen, Managing DirectorOutdoor Toys

Key elements

PPC Audit

For a clear view of performance in relation to your goals a PPC audit is the place to start. Our Google qualified PPC analyst will carry out a full health check enabling us to advise on the best strategies to deliver your KPIs and maximise revenue.

Google Shopping

Great for driving product sales, maximising ROI, increasing traffic and impressions. You can visually advertise your product range with Google Shopping Ads. This should form the backbone of every ROI driven e-commerce advertising strategy.

Smart Shopping

Reach an extended audience with an ROI focus in the same way as Google shopping but across all Google networks, including the Google Search Network, the Google Display Network, YouTube and Gmail.

Google Ads

Text Ads are a good way to support your Google Shopping campaigns or if you have a services site.  It is also a must have if you have a bricks and mortar store.


An essential part of your Google shopping and social strategy, re-marketing ads connect with people who previously interacted with your website in a goal driven way.

Social Advertising

A great way to re-target existing customers and run specific promotions based on your marketing calendar.  A cost effective way to drive significant additional revenue if ROI is a KPI.

Bing Ads

Bing ads has come a long way in recent years in terms of features. Historically, Bing is less expensive than Google, although the CPC  is creeping up and the potential volume of traffic it drives is significantly lower.

Display Advertising

Ideal for running text and banner ads to drive brand awareness. These ads show on news sites, blogs, or any thematically relevant site that is on the Google Display network.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon PPC is excellent for driving ROI if you already publish your inventory on Amazon. It’s particularly effective at supporting specific seasonal sales and promotions.

Certified team trusted by brands

Every day as a leading Google Partner, we help both B2C and B2B brands achieve commerce success online.

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