The background

Trophies Plus Medals are one of the largest online retailers of trophies, medals and awards in the UK. Back in 2020 they appointed Fisheye to review their customers' user experience and improve operational integrations from top to bottom, with the primary objective of improving the customer experience through all stages of the purchase flow. Fisheye selected Adobe Commerce as a platform which provides tools to better market and merchandise the site and allowed us to provide key B2B functions by leveraging Adobe Commerce’s B2B modules. Since launch Fisheye have delivered a continuous development improvement program and since the start of 2022 delivered their Google , Amazon and social advertising strategy.

Achieving goals

Fisheye launched both consumer (B2C) and private sector (B2B) focused sites on the same Adobe Commerce Instance, utilising the power of the platform to provide a great customer experience for both user types.

Revisiting the customer experience and optimising every stop of the purchase flow greatly improved customer engagement (up 35% YOY), conversion (up 58% YOY) and revenue (up 60% YOY) in the first 6 months following launch.

Streamlining the operational processes from the ground up means that Trophies Plus Medals have managed to scale the throughput of personalised orders by over 300% and, at the same time, vastly reduce the demand on customer service.

Key Stats

383% YOY Growth in 2022 after taking over the delivery of advertising

ROAS (return on ad spend) has remained the same YOY

Increase in AOV of 24% YOY (first 12 months)

Increase in conversion of 58% (first 12 months)

Increase in throughput of personalised orders by 300% through streamlining process

Continuation of impressive revenue growth YOY

Launch Site

The Results

Trophies Plus Medals launched on Magento Commerce in 2020 and the first 6 months saw an increase in customer engagement (up 35% YOY), conversion (up 58% YOY) and revenue (up 60% YOY). Removal of some of the previous administrative burdens allowed their team time to work with Fisheye on continuous improvement which continues to deliver impressive year on year growth. In Jan 2022, Fisheye started working on their digital marketing strategy and took over the delivery of their advertising. Fisheye identified multiple opportunities to exploit and after implementing their strategy the business has seen a massive 383% YOY Growth, without a negative impact on the return on advertising spend.

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