The background

Outdoor Toys launched in 2016 on Magento 1 Enterprise as a startup, since then their business has continued to grow rapidly, in order to compete in a competitive vertical they needed to be highly campaign driven and satisfy the demands of very high mobile user base. A Magento 2 migration would allow their business to create faster, better and more responsive campaigns, streamlining administration whilst providing the opportunity to perform conversion rate optimisation particularly on mobile. Deliverables where clear, speed up the site, create an improved user experience focusing on mobile, and provide the OutdoorToys Team with the tools needed to maximise campaign opportunity.

Achieving goals

Fisheye have been working with Outdoor Toys from the beginning, we understand their business, their objectives, but more importantly how to use the Magento 2 feature set alongside the Magento ecosystem to our advantage. Re-platforming allowed us to revisit everything we were doing from the ground up, incorporating solutions like Nosto for personalisation, Dotmailer for dynamic email marketing along with a tight integration with Volo. We have heavily utilised scheduled events, along with custom development that allows us to run both time and stock based sale events, creating urgency which has helped massively to improve conversion. Preview and staging has saved the Outdoor Toys team countless days of administration but more importantly enables them to move this work outside of their busy periods. Heavy use of the new CMS tools throughout the site, now means the control of many site elements have been put back with their team. We have improved the site speed by 31% (total page rendering time) which leads to better user experience, higher conversions and is having a positive effect on organic rankings and return on ad spend. Other features include heavy use of upsell which has increased their AOV, credit, multiple payment types, persuasive notifications and 'get delivery by' features.

The results

OutdoorToys on Magento 2 launched in September 2018 ready for their peak trading period. The project was turned around on time and within budget, ready for peak trading. As over 75% of their traffic comes from mobile users, improving conversion and AOV in this area was critical. This was identified as the biggest area of potential, the results speak for themselves with a 38% mobile conversion rate increase YOY largely contributing to their 39% overall YOY increase in revenue. When you put this against a backdrop of a decline in retail sales in their vertical, it’s a great result. Providing their team with greater control over more site elements, creating complex campaigns in advance, has allowed them to concentrate on areas previously neglected, it’s a massive time saver. We have provided a faster, slicker and more personalised user experience all contributing to improvements in conversion and engagement.

Key stats

39% overall revenue increase YOY since launch

32% overall conversion rate increase

38% increase in mobile conversion

42% reduction in initial page weight

45% improvement in TTFB (<0.5s when not in FPC)

31% reduction in total page rendering time

Launch Site

"We've been with Magento for a number of years but Magento 2 has been a game changer for our business, since launch we have massively increased conversion rates, benefited from greatly improved site speed and created very effective Q4 campaigns in advance in a fraction of the time it used to take us allowing us to focus on the things that make a difference to our customers in our peak season, all of this put together led to a fantastic holiday season and we smashed our usual competition!"

James Owen, Managing DirectorOutdoor Toys

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