The background

Natural Instinct are passionate about pets. They’re also passionate about their customers too, which is why they wished to enhance their customer journey and upgrade from their outdated, unsupported and inefficient Magento 1 website to the feature rich and fully supported Magento 2 Commerce. Previously, Natural Instinct had a ‘one size fits all’ approach but by choosing Fisheye and Magento 2 Commerce, Natural Instinct now engages on a more personal level and is able to provide unique selling points and the tailored pricing required for their many different customer groups. Delivering an exceptional online experience for both B2B and B2C was essential.

As well as enhancing the customer experience, Fisheye carried out integrations with Sage 200, Shipper HQ, Ebizmarts POS, Braintree and many more whilst taking careful care over the architecture and redirect planning. This helped to generate, promote and drive organic traffic to their website following a steady decline prior to their Magento 2 Commerce upgrade.

Achieving goals

Significant improvements over Natural Instict’s Magento 1 website were required and considered throughout the planning, building and delivering of the Magento 2 website. Fortunately, Fisheye’s solution specialists and project’s team were able to make light work of the key performance and operational objectives that were recognised throughout this process. The end result is now a very strongly performing website that not only has improved organic traffic, but also engages more personally, resulting in high conversion and increased average order value.

Key features

Stockist specific USP’s

B2C & B2B (stockists) storefronts

Company account management for stockists and breeders

Payments on account with credit limit

Content management system & advice centre

Pet preference centre

Quick repurchase option for faster checkout

Breeder referral programme

Launch Site

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