The background

Munster Joinery is amongst the largest manufacturers of energy efficient windows and doors in Europe. Their outdated and unsupported Magento 1 site was no longer delivering for its users so Fisheye replaced it with Adobe Commerce (Magento 2 commerce), whilst taking the opportunity to completely overhaul the user experience for both its customers and team.

This migration would allow their business to streamline administration, quoting and lead generation. Deliverables were clear; create multi-region, multi-brand sites with a primary focus on lead generation for B2C customers whilst also acting as a resource centre for its various B2C and B2B user types. Along with user experience improvements, operational efficiency needed to be improved to allow their digital teams to maximise marketing and merchandising capabilities.

Achieving goals

With the imminent end-of-life of Magento 1, combined with major issues with their existing websites it was critical that this project was delivered on time. Fisheye launched 3 websites for Munster Joinery ontime and on budget. Fisheye have placed the power back into the hands of the merchant to fully control and merchandise all their sites by utilising Adobe Pagebuilder CMS, which has delivered significant improvement to customer engagement and improved leadflow. Munster joinery now have websites that properly portray the quality of their brand and their product expertise. Fisheye is now delivering a strategic roadmap to enable continuous development, focusing on providing further operational improvements and delivering more features to further enhance customer engagement and reach.

Key features

Signup approval process leveraging Magento's B2B suite

A resource centre for architects/builders to download data sheets

'My projects' area to manage products people want for their building works

Quoting tool to request pricing on desired items

Enhanced CMS control/implementation using Magento's Page Builder

Re-architecture of data to allow proper maintainability by merchant

Best practice SEO including site architecture & optimisation of content for search

Embedding of user generated content (UGC)

Launch Site

"We have different users with specific requirements making this a complex project. Fisheye have recreated all the custom areas we need to support architects/builders and the general public in a performant and maintainable way."

Debbie GalvinMunster Joinery

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