The background

Based in the heart of London, Savile Row offers genuine, luxury clothing for men and women. The brand is synonymous with bespoke tailoring in the UK and has a strong global presence. As a client, Savile Row are passionate about delivering a high quality experience to their Customers, placing style and design at the forefront of their new site build.

The Fisheye team collaborated with the in-house Savile Row design team to produce a fully responsive, clean cut design that matched Savile Row’s elegance and finesse which offered a personalised shopping experience.

Achieving goals

Its critical that Savile Row are leading edge in a very competitive vertical. Fisheye worked with the team to deliver complex product types whilst maintaining great usability. The main challenge involved was in the delivery of a bespoke made to measure solution, allowing total flexibility for customers to design and order fully made to measure garments. Savile Row continue to lead the field in this area online and Fisheye continue to work with their team on a continuous development program.

Key Features

Made to measure product personalisation

International multi-sites

Complex bundle product types

Nosto personalisation

ERP Integration

Advanced promotions

Launch Site

"Our website is core to the business so appointing an agency is a big decision, with massive ramifications. It’s not just design and technical skills that are important – it’s an understanding of how all the other elements of our organisation integrate with each other and into the site. It’s about relationships, trust and humour – we can’t all be serious all of the time! Our new site has been live with Fisheye for just over a year – it was delivered on time and on budget and we’ve spent the last 12 months working together on continuous improvement. The guys at Fisheye have been honest, responsive, accurate and have provided good value for money. They’re a great bunch of people and deserve your business.

Diane Canady, Ecommerce Director

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